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Decrease in persons living in poverty in Maverick County

Maverick County has seen a slight decrease of people living in poverty with 24.3 percent of the population living under the national poverty line. The population of Maverick County is approximately 60,000 people which would mean that 14,580 people are living in poverty. 

New information from the Texas Association of Counties shows that in the State of Texas 53 of 252  counties report a poverty percentage above 20 percent or more.

 There are only 16 Texas counties that have a greater percentage of people living in poverty than Maverick County. Those 16 counties include Starr 39.90% , Willacy 38.30%, Zavala 34.40%, Webb 31.80%, Hidalgo, 31.20%, Garza 30%, Zapata 29.10%, Jim Hogg 27.90%, LaSalle 26.20%, Hall 25.80%, Frio 25.80%, and Falls 25.60%, Nacogdoches 25.40%, Uvalde25.30%, Reeves 25.00%, Haskell 24.50%, and Maverick County at 24.30%.

 It’s important to note that the poverty rate in Maverick County has been stagnant at 24.3 percent (2016 and 2017) for the past two years after it decreased by 2.2 percent from 2015 which had 26.5 percent poverty rate. During this past two years approximately 1,320 people have gotten out from under the poverty line in Maverick County. 

Back in 2012 Maverick County was named by MSN Money as the poorest county in the State of Texas with a poverty rate of 39.9 percent, Even in 2017 it has moved out of the top ten poorest counties in the State and is at No 17 out of 252 counties.

Many of the counties that are included in the top ten percent are located in or around the Eagle Ford Shale area. 

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