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Sixteen Year Old Female in critical condition after being hit by motor vehicle

A 16 year old female was tragically impacted by a motor vehicle on Friday January 6, 2018 at around 9:45 pm. During Friday evening an emergency call came through the Eagle Pass Police Department airwaves of a individual being down on the ground at the area of the intersection of Garrison St. and Main St. “It’s going to be in reference to a female possibly hit by a vehicle. An MVA with a pedestrian,” reported Dispatch.

Upon arrival EPPD found the young girl laying on the asphalt and a vehicle nearby. A EPPD officer then reported “10-86, Female down, loss of blood. I believe coming from a gash on her head. She is still breathing.”


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The Eagle Pass Fire Department proceeded to respond to the area and arrived there quickly. EPPD called in the vehicles 10-28 or Vehicle’s Registration Information. The vehicle involved in the incident came back as a 2007 Dodge Pickup Truck registered to a Male Individual from Eagle Pass, Texas. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Anna De La Garza, at the scene of the accident. The officer at the scene then stated, “Could you dispatch a second 10-52 (ambulance) and make contact with the driver. She is having some kind of anxiety /panic attack.” called out a EPPD official.

Both individuals involved in the incident were transferred to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room for further treatment and evaluations. The 16 year old female was transported to a San Antonio Hospital where she remains in Critical Condition from her injuries. She remains in a coma since the tragic accident on Friday.

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