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Cold Weather causes power outages

On January 1, 2018 at approximately 6:30 pm over 100 customers in Eagle Pass and Maverick County reported power outages. 

More power outages may be expected and the community is advised to stay safe on the road due to possible hazards.

The city has 600 homes affected due to this blackout and Maverick County 225 homes affected. The City of Eagle Pass will open a shelter according to Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu “to aid citizens in need.”

Information about which shelters will be made available is forthcoming.

More information on this outage as it develops.

Update: as of 7:45pm about 825 Eagle Pass homes are without power.

Update: as of 8:15pm approximately 400 Eagle Pass homes are without power. About 425 homes had their power restored at about 8:10pm.

Update: Multipurpose Center was opened as a shelter for those affected by the outage and those without proper shelter from the elements.

Update: During the overnight hours all power was restored to those affected by the original outage. 

A second outage starting at approximatly 12am affected areas by Calle Fresno, Flowers St and in Deer Run. This second outage as of 5am still has about 10-15 homes affected and without power.

Update: At 11am on January 2, 66 homes were affected by a power outage that continued from early morning hours and included 50 more affected homes which were affected starting at 10am.

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