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EPPD Lt. Escamilla warns citizens of theft possibilities

The Eagle Pass Police Department received a criminal complaint from an adult female On Wednesday December 27 who claims that a male subject stole her purse and fled to Mexico on foot.

EPPD Detectives are trying to identify the male subject who committed the theft in plain daylight in the downtown area.

EPPD Lieutenant Aldo Escamilla states that the subject took advantage that the woman was getting off her vehicle when he snatched her purse and began running towards International Bridge No.1 and crossing into the Mexican side of the border.

Escamilla states that the incident occurred at approximately 1:30pm at the intersection area of Adams and Garrison streets, two blocks from International Bridge One.

The EPPD Detectives have taken video evidence from Bridge cameras and are seeking to identify the perpetrator.

The handbag had $200 in cash and most importantly personal documents that the owner really needs.

Escamilla does forewarn the females in the community to be careful with leaving your property exposed to such situations as the one that occurred to this victim.

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