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Eagle Pass Water Works issues announcement of Cyber Attack

Eagle Pass Water Work System (EPPWS) Manager Jorge Barrera has announced that the EPWWS computer systems have been hacked into and breached one of the EPWW systems main servers. Barrera states that the hackers breached one of the main systems used by the organization multiple times since late November and into early December 2017.

EPWWS is working with a company to resolve the issues.

The incident has been reported to and taken on by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The formal notifications sent out to all EPWWS customers states that the EPWWS system may have been compromised by a recent security breach and that possibly sensitive personal information remained in the database at the time of the breach, including customer social security numbers, home addresses, payment information as well as employee information, telephone numbers and payroll information.

The hack/breach and possible theft of sensitive information could possibly affect all water works system customers and employees, including individuals who use the city’s website to make a payment.

Possible use of this information by unauthorized individuals may result in financial loss to you and this is of concern. The Eagle Pass Water Works encourages that you check your credit card account for unauthorized or suspicious charges, no matter how small report any unauthorized charges to your credit card issuer bank, ask your credit card or bank to deactivate your card and issue a new card, request a fraud alert to be placed on your credit file, request that all 3 credit reports be sent to you free of charge for your review.

EPWW encourages its customers to call Equifax, Experian or TransUnion to assist you in checking your credit and assisting in any concerns that you may have over this cyber-attack.

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The EPWWS takes the security of your personal data, seriously and will continue conducting an investigation into the matter to prevent any recurrences of possible breach of cyber security.

An investigation into the matter is ongoing and is in hopes to find any additional information regarding the extent to which personal information in the database was actually compromised and for purposes of pursuing action against the individuals responsible.

At this point in time you can pay your water bill in person at the EPWWS offices by cash, check, or by phone at 1-855-768-9685 by either electronic check or credit card.

This cyber-attack comes on the heels of the Equifax hacking which compromised over 145 million persons social security, birthdays, personal accounts and other information back in September 2017 and has cost the company between $200 and $300 million in losses.

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