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Maverick County approves POE Feasibility Study pending legal council review

The Maverick County Commissioners Court held a meeting on Monday, December 11, 2017 in which they discussed and approved a Port of Entry Feasibility study pending certain revisions from legal counsel Robert Wilson.

During the course of discussion Maverick County Judge David R. Saucedo stated that the study is an important project that the County is looking to structure for the future.

Pct. 4 Commissioner Robert Ruiz who originally presented the item stated that he was glad that after more than 3 years of having this item on hold the Commissioners Court is now ready to move forward with the study. “I’m glad that this year the money to conduct the study has been set aside. Since the beginning we have seen the potential that the bridge would be in the Northern part of the county.”

Commissioners Court then approved the feasibility study which will take up to 6 months to be conducted and cost up to $100,000. Raba Kistner out of San Antonio, Texas will be conducting the study.

This item was brought up and initially approved a Feasibility Study/Presidential Permit for an International Bridge back in 2014.


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The study to be conducted is to see if a new port of entry would benefit Maverick County and if there is a need for another Bridge system for the future.

The County is seeking for this third bridge to be placed outside in the county to be able to generate income such as in the case of the City of Eagle Pass International Bridges that create up to 30% of the city’s budgetary revenues.

If the County could open up such an operation the revenues potentially created from it one day could assist it fund county public services and allow the county flexibility with other revenues. These revenues would be available for street pavings and other needed public projects including even more tax reduction.

One question that has been brought up, is if another bridge is actually needed since the city has bridge No.1 close down at 11pm and could just open it up 24 hours a day.

The answers to many questions are not known and that’s what the study the county approved is for, to answer those questions.

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