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Fines still pending for Municipal Court

The Eagle Pass Municipal Court continuous being busy with sorting out fines and holding municipal court in efforts to collect and sort out the tickets /fines and hear out any cases that go in front of the city’s municipal court judges.

Up to now there have been over 3,175 parking tickets filed from October 2016 to September 2017 with the court but records show that of those only 1,614 tickets or 50% have been paid.

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Municipal court records show that there have been $11,306.78 dollars that have been collected from ticket fines.

During this time period there have been 463 tickets issued for No Drivers License Violations, 657 no insurance violations, 170 expired license plates, 122 public intoxication violations and 582 speeding violations.

If you owe any tickets /fines you’re encouraged to please contact the municipal court at (830)773 -1111.

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