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Disturbing trend, increase in drug abuse cases in Maverick County

The Maverick County Sheriff Department arrested 15 individuals for drug charges in the month of October up to November 8, continuing a disturbing trend of drug abuse in our community.

Of those arrests 11 were for possession of marijuana of 2 oz or less, 1 Felony Possession of Penalty Group 2A Substance, 2 possession of a controlled substance, 1 Possession of Marijuana over 50 lbs<2,000 lbs.Out of the 15 arrests only 4 are of a felony charge.

There were a total of 82 total arrests in that time period with 15 or 18,2% of all arrest were drug related.

During the month of October the Eagle Pass Police Department reported 17 narcotic offenses arrests During the same time period.

In combination that illustrates approximately one arrest per day for some type of drug use.

Although use of drugs will more than likely be a norm, information from the Texas Department of Public Safety and other organizations shows that there has been a decrease in major drug arrest along the border region including in Maverick County.

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Locally, the Maverick County Sheriff Department has seen such a decrease of that type of seizures.

As per DPS information arrests in border regions showed that of the more than 32,000 arrests made since 2014 up to late 2016 only 2,122 (6%) of the arrests were for felony drug possession.

In fact information from that time periods shows that DPS Troopers working along the border region detained more individuals for DWI and small time drug users. DWI arrests made up 29 %of all arrests while 28 % were for misdemeanor drug offenses.

efforts under the border surge program along the border is yielding even fewer major drug busts than what was anticipated by the State who spent millions to fund the surge.

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