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UMC to hold Diabetes Awareness Classes

United Medical Centers will be holding a Diabetes Awareness Class on Tuesday November 21, 2017 from 10am to 2pm.

United Medical Centers Jessika Ramirez MR-CMA, CCHW is inviting the community to attend the event that will be held at the City of Eagle Pass International Center for Trade located at 3295 Bob Rogers Drive.

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“On behalf of the United Medical centers administration we do invite you all to attend this very important meeting. Diabetes is a disease that is prevalent in our region and we hope that we can educate as many people in the harm of not controlling your Blood sugar levels.

We also want to guide you to better health and give you the knowledge of what you have to do to control this disease.” said Ramirez

“We want to assist you in learning about the harmful risk ways to prevent, and ultimately how to thrive with Diabetes.” added Ramirez

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The event is free to the public and will have 3 speakers including Dr. Roberto Marquinez internal medicine, Ms. Sonia Tovar Registered Nurse Director of Nurses and Ms. Jessika Ramirez MR-CMA, CCHW.

If you are a Diabetic of have a loved one who is please stop by and learn more about this terrible disease called Diabetes.

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