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Downed aircraft in Del Rio

Reports out of Del Rio, Texas from Laughlin Air Force Base confirmed that a military aircraft crashed near Lake Amistad on Monday November, 20, 2017.

The Air Force base has reported that the incident occurred around 4 pm and involved an Air Force T-38 Talon assigned to the Laughlin Air Force Base squadron.

Laughlin Emergency responders and the Del Rio Fire and Police department also participated in the recovery efforts and securing the area as well.

A Board of Officers from the United States Air Force will conduct an investigation,

It’s been reported that the pilot and passenger were both able to parachute out of the jet in time but one of them was airlifted to the Val Verde hospital for treatment to his injuries, while the other person did not need medical treatment.

T-38C’s are often used to train personnel on air education , drills and command training as well.
This jet is a two seat air craft..

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