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Sheriff addresses SB4 ruling

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber addressed a recent ruling on the The Show Me Your Papers Law ( Senate Bill 4) which basically leaves everything the way that it has been done in the past until the month of November where there will be a ruling on the matter.

“Everything is looking favorable for us and I believe that it will continue in the same manner.” said Schmerber

Maverick County and other Texas Counties awaited a order from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled unanimously to basically make local law enforcement agencies across Texas to honor federal immigration holds for people who are in the country illegally. The difference from the first rendition of the law is that officials will not be penalized for failing to help enforce federal law. Basically what the officials have been doing before the SB 4 fiasco was brought up.

But the end is not even close states LULAC Legal Counsel Luis Roberto Vera who represents the plaintiffs in this case including Maverick County. “Everything has stayed the same. None of it affects Maverick County and any other community. I have named the action a Paper Tiger that cannot do much. Because they tried to make it seem as if actions were being taken but in reality the real court will begin on November 7, 2017 so they can decide what is going to be done. The fact is that during this last process the 3judge panel told us what are we even doing here we have to come back in 5 to 6 weeks to fight this so why are we even going to set a temporary order. I swear we had Attorney General Ken Paxton claiming victory on nothing. So my question and reporters questions to them were what did you win? You did not do anything. In reality nothing has occurred and everything continues in the same manner that it has always been handled if an officer detains a undocumented individual Border Patrol is called to enforce their law as law enforcement officials are not immigration enforcement officers.”

“November 7 we will be in court and it will be decided as to if its against the constitution what parts of the law are right, wrong and from there we will be headed to the Supreme Court. The most important thing that I want la raza to know is that we will not leave you alone . I can assure you that. President Trump and Governor Abbott have declared a war against the Mexican people and no one else.We will not leave you alone.” concluded Vera

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