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Maverick County joins litigation in Opiod Epidemic

Maverick County has joined hundreds of Counties/ Cities across the United States in suing Big Pharma. Under a Opioid Epidemic Litigation attempts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for illegal marketing practices will be argued. Lawsuits against those companies claim that they have attributed to millions of individuals developing an addiction , psychological ailments, overdoses , suicides and many other problems including an increased burden to states , counties , cities and communities across the nation is finding the adequate treatment and cost of funding those treatments to those affected.

The deluge of litigation is currently being seen across the nation due to the severity of the problems in many where opioid epidemic deaths are killing more people than motor vehicle accidents.

Locally reports show that Opioid prescribing have been steadily rising from 2006 to present day. Prescribed Medications such as Hydrocodone (e,g Vicodin), Oxycodone (e,g Oxycontin), Oxymorphone (e,g Opana), Methadone and other medications are highly addictive and have led to the problems being seen across the country. Problems that the plaintiffs filing the lawsuits claim were ignored by the companies who knew the negative effects that there drugs could cause.

Maverick County Commissioners Court heard a presentation from attorney Luis Vera on the issue and asked to be allowed to represent the county at no cost in this litigation to hold those companies accountable and attempt to retrieve any compensation from those companies.

Vera stated that the compensation to the county would be for funds spent in treating patients and any other expense made by the local government that are tied to the public health crisis created by the Opioid Epidemic which was created under the watch of those companies who are being accused of negligence and aggressive sales tactics,

“Reports presented show that from 2010 to 2014 Drug Arrest Offenses grew at a steady pace thus showing a significant increased problem.” said Vera “We want to hold those companies accountable as they knew what problems would come from there drugs and told no one.”

The companies being named under this suit include Purdue Pharma, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. Inc, Johnson & Johnson, Endo Health Solutions, Insys Therapeutics, Allergan plc, f/k/a Actavis plc.

The lawsuit claims that there have been violations of the Consumer Protection Act/ Fair Business Practices, Violations of State Controlled Substances Act, Public Nuisance, Negligence, Fraud and Unjust Enrichment. Claims against the manufacturers include fraudulent marketing of Opioid pain medications as safe and non – addictive , failing to perform proper long term studies the effect of their drugs, generally creating a false perception of the safely and efficacy of Opioid in the medical community. Claims against distributors/ defendants conduct in failing to report suspicious orders as required by law, defendants conduct in dispensing , supplying and or/ selling prescription opioids without adequate safeguards to prevent diversions and conduct proximate caused injury to the county and its citizens.

Vera is partnered with Napoli Shkolnik PLLC in this lawsuit.

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