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Mayor Cantu discusses his health and fitness council

Two years ago Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu made a decision to begin living a healthy lifestyle and implement a diet and exercise into his daily routine which is often harder than one may think being his work/ public official schedule.

Mayor Cantu kept to his personal promise and goal to lose weight and two years later has lost 85 lbs and continues pushing forth to lose even more and continue a exercise regimen.

Along the way Mayor Cantu and the Eagle Pass City Council established whats known as the Mayors Fitness Council which was created to promote healthy living and exercise in our community.


During February 2015 Cantu led a group of citizens and established the City of Eagle Pass Mayor’s Fitness Council ushering a new era of health, fitness, and wellness in the community.

Cantu and the group along with many community members have taken an initiative to lead by example implementing a personal exercise regime and healthier living through daily exercise, healthier eating habits. Currently this group is hosting a wellness competition promoting exercise and weight loss.

Cantu had been constant in his exercise regime until a few months ago when he suffered a personal health scare that sidelined him for a few months but is back and is leading this new competition among over 250 individuals who are all competing to see who can lose the most weight the healthy way with a strict diet and exercise in this new 9 week challenge.


“This year we have well over 250 individuals participating in the fitness challenge who are competing for fitness but also a prize of $1,000 between the top 3 that was donated by Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers.” said Cantu “We need to live healthier lifestyles . Eat well and make sure to take the time to exercise.”

“Some time ago I decided to make a change in the way that I was living and in 2 years I have lost 85 lbs. It’s been a long process but a rewarding one. You know every time that I look back at photos of earlier years I think was that me . It’s a feeling of better health, completion of a personal challenge I set and I continue pushing forth to make sure that I never look back and keep this healthy living lifestyle.”

Cantu has been an example to many people that he has encountered along the way during this past 2 years who are now exercising and seeking stricter diets to obtain that healthy lifestyle as well.

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