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For some Breast Cancer Awareness Month is personal

The month of October is significant for many people who have Breast Cancer are Cancer Survivors or have had loved ones succumb to this terrible disease.
For Lupita Fuentes each month of October that passes is another year of life, a life free of Cancer after she was diagnosed with the disease in 2013 after having a Mammogram and a Guided Ultra Sound.
Fuentes then underwent Radiation and chemotherapy treatment and a double bilateral Mastectomy which pushed her body and challenged her resiliency and will to survive.
Fuentes will forever recall the moment her Oncologist broke the terrible news.”You have Breast Cancer.” Fuentes 2013 exam found she had a very aggressive type of breast cancer at a stage 4 that has spread rapidly throughout the breast tissue.
Fuentes recalls her battle and that helps her live life to the fullest on a daily basis and up to now continues to be Cancer Free. “I am scheduled for a Doctors visit and examination on October 24 and we’re positive that I will be given good news that I continue Cancer Free, God willing.”
Fuentes used her situation and anger to build the strength to battle and defeat her ailment. Up to now Lupita Fuentes continues to fight to remain cancer free and is an inspiration to many others who have fought and are fighting Cancer.
“I do want to say to anyone who is going through this disease is to never give up. Don’t let it defeat your spirit and soul.”
For Lupita Fuentes her battle continues as she is one year away from being able to be called a Cancer Survivor by her doctors as described by the medical world at 5 years of being Cancer free.

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