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Maverick County Hospital District Receives Operational Assessment Review

The Maverick County Hospital District Board (MCHD) of Trustees held a meeting on Wednesday September 21in which they heard a Operational Assessment presentation from MGMA Health Care Consulting Group – Kenneth T. Hertz, FACMPE of the MCHD.

During the course of the meeting Board President Adolfo Olivares welcomed MGMA representatives and turned over the floor for their presentation. The assessment of the MCHD Operational Efficacy stated that the level of clinical support provided to the physicians is good, the check-out process is efficient and effective, well managed referral system and “MCHD does a good job of providing information on the website as well as in person at the clinic regarding patient communication regarding finances of care.”


The board was then given a list of observations and recommendations including professional compliment on the MCHD’s “loyal and dedicated staff, careful attention has been paid to revenue cycle management and the patient experience, surgical practice fills a community need and non-surgical practices fill community need as well. Overall MGMA gave the MCHD operations including eligibility, enrollment, and application assistance services, Healthcare coverage through the Medical Financial Assistance Program, Access to primary and specialty care through contracted providers, Management of the Physician Specialty group, Breast and Cervical Cancer services and Ryan White HIV Services a clean bill of health and congratulated the District for its Operational Efficiency.

The MCHD consists of its Board of Directors: Mr. Adolfo Oliveras, Jr., Chairman, Mr. Jesus Casas, Vice Chairman, Ms. Becky Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer, Mr. J.M. Farias, Trustee and Dr. Ronald Hixson, Trustee. The MCHD management team includes Mrs. Terri Patlan-Contreras, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nestor D. Bonilla, Chief Financial Officer & Registered Tax Assessor and Collector, Ms. Monica Nandin, Physician Specialty Group Clinic Manager and MCHD Services Director Kathy Vidal.

Maverick County Hospital District was created in 1965 under the authority of Section 9, Article IX of the Texas Constitution in order to provide medical health assistance to the indigent in our area. “We’re happy with the operational assessment findings and presentation. We do know that like in so many things there is always ways we can improve to continue providing the necessary medical services to our community as one team, one family.” said Contreras, CEO of MCHD.

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