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City Council Approves 3 month probationary extension for City Manager

The Eagle Pass City Council had a meeting on Tuesday September 12 in which they discussed and acted on the 6 month evaluation of Eagle Pass City Manager Arturo Rodriguez as per the council’s terms when he was originally hired back in January 4, 2017.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu and the city council went into executive session taking close to 3 hours in tackling on the city manager evaluation and other items as well. Once back in open session Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu opened up the agenda item for possible action. “I think that based upon the discussion in the evaluation of the city manager and on the discussion we had Mr. Rodriguez with you I think we should thank you for the work that has been done since you’ve been here in Eagle Pass. It’s always important to note the strides that have been taken to assist the council with the efforts of policy and direction that is given. In the relationship we have with city administration is very important. I think we had a very lengthy discussion with you as per the expectations. With every good of course we can always be better. We can always work to achieve more. So I think that based on the discussion that we have had in executive session, we’ve given you the concerns which we felt are needed to be addressed.” said Cantu.


“We will be looking forward to getting back the information as requested in executive session and at this point we will look at an extension of the probationary period for 3 months in order to fully evaluate entirely the assessment of the time frame in December. Let it be known that the work that has been done is very well received and we look forward to addressing this points of concern in order for you to have a decent guideline to move upon the expectations of the council.” City Council approved the probationary extension period unanimously.

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