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EPISD Seeking Solution to Bus Route Drop off Delays

Eagle Pass Independent School District Deputy Superintendent Samuel Mijares presented the EPISD Board of Trustees information relating to time changes for the start and end of school days during their meeting held on Tuesday September 12, 2017.

During the course of the presentation Mijares touched base on the reason their had been such change and also explained in detail what was being done to adjust and certain problems that have arisen from the changes.

“As you know what triggered us changing the starting times was that the law required them to comply with the minutes. That’s why there was a change in the starting time. The change here is that they start at 9am.”

Mijares expressed to the board that the change of times schedule forces the district to re -adjust and that’s what they are trying to do at this time. “We met with the transportation director, coaches,and administrations to try to figure out which students would be the least affected and how to fix the problem.”

Mijares explained that a solution is currently being looked at because the4 actual change of times is affecting the district bus students. “The situation right now is really the bus students and for us to make a change for over 528 bus students.”

Mijares detailed as to how time changes and other conflicts are delaying the times that this students who ride the bus home.” They’re getting home late.”

Mijares explained that in some instances Pre K and Kinder Garden students by law may not be dropped off at home if an adult is not there waiting for them to get of the bus.”So on average if a parent is not home for drop off this delays that bus by at least 30 minutes.”

Mijares stated that there are at least 11 bus students that don’t get home until at least 6pm.

The EPISD Board and Mijares further discussed the issue and agreed that solutions needed to be found to fix the timing problem including for right now possibly providing some type of snack for those students that are being delayed from getting home early because of the changes.

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