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Cross-town rivalry set for Friday 15

Frigay Night Lights be alive and well this coming Friday September 15, 2017 as the the Thundering C. C. Winn High School Mavericks take on the Mighty Eagle Pass High School Eagles for the 12th Annual Rivalry between both campuses.

The game’s kick off is expected to be at at 7:30 P.M. at the Eagle Pass Independent School District Cozel Foster-Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The game is expected to be sold out and a exciting one as every year the cross town competitive rivalry brings out the best of both football teams and sometimes the spirit of competition is taken overboard by a few individuals.

EPISD Superintendent Gilbert Gonzalez spoke about the competitive game and invites the community to go and enjoy the nights event as both schools show their community pride and love for football.

“It’s a big game every year and we have had a meeting with both the principals and coaches of the high schools just to make sure that we’re doing everything to protect our students as the safety of our kids is the most important thing. We’ve taken the steps such as an increase in vigilance at the game and during the entire week at the campuses just to make sure that no students are hurt,buildings or statues are defaced” said Gonzalez.

“We encourage the spirit of competition on the field. I wish both teams good luck as I know it’s going to be a hard fought game.I do invite those that are going to attend to be there early because it’s going to be packed and after the first quarter we cannot guarantee any reserved seating because of the situation and how packed it will get.”

Gonzalez advises to get out there early and asks those attendees to refrain from bringing any type of fireworks or loud horns because you might be escorted out if you are caught doing something that is not permitted.

“Again we wish both teams the best and whomever wins we know that both teams gave it their best.” concluded Gonzalez
The Eagle Pass Eagles under the guide of Coach Tom Gonzalez, are at a 1 win and 1 loss record coming into this game while the C.C. Winn Mavericks under the leadership of Coach Eric Villasenor come to this game with a record of 1 win and 1 loss as well.

Good Luck to both schools and let’s see if the C.C. Winn Mavericks can break through and get a W against the Eagle Pass Eagles who have 11 straight wins against their cross town rivals.

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