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Mexican states suffer massive power outage

At around 5:45pm on Sunday, Sept. 10th, there was a massive power outage in northern Mexico. This outage was attributed to a problem of in a high voltage line that caused a massive loss of the service in many areas of Northeastern Mexico. The Federal Electrical Commission (CFE) has not detailed the exact reason as to the outage. During the outage, persons rushed to purchase gas, water and groceries as social media sites stated that there could be up to a 2 day wait in electrical power returning and potable water available. After a few hours the CFE stated that the recovery of energy would be delayed and would be gradual in returning to the affected states. As of 10 pm on Sunday, almost all areas without power had had their power restored. Those affected states are Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.

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