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Arbitration in EPPD hearing delayed

The Eagle Pass Police Department Arbitration hearing involving suspended EPPD Sergeant Raul Gonzalez was scheduled to continue this week but was rescheduled for the month of October 17 -19, 2017.

The dates were moved due to scheduling conflicts but both parties have come to an agreement to resume the hearing on these dates.

Gonzalez is being accused of misconduct during an incident on October 15,2016 and was relieved of his duties as a peace officer for the City of Eagle Pass.

The hearing is being conducted by Judge Norman Bennett and began on Tuesday, August 1. The three day hearing saw a group of witnesses give their accounts of what transpired on that day where it’s alleged that Gonzalez and other officers abused their authority and used excessive force on at least two individuals.

On October 15, 2016, officers of the EPPD including Gonzalez responded to a domestic disturbance call which escalated into a much more serious matter when the individual involved in the original call was notified that he had a warrant for traffic violations and would be placed under arrest. The subject, who is described as bipolar, originally complied with the officers, but on the way to a PD an altercation occurred and he was pepper sprayed and put on the ground. A female was also sprayed and allegedly punched at least twice by Gonzalez, which is being described as possible misconduct in the form of excessive use of force.

The Parties involved in the incident have different accounts of the situation and video and audio evidence do not clarify what occurred.

The City argues that by taking the actions that he did, Gonzalez used excessive force. Gonzalez argues that he acted under the scope of the law and in no way did he violate any laws.

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