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Maverick County establishes building permit requirements for contractors

Maverick County has established and will begin to require for any contractor, builder or individual that is to begin a construction project or even home/building improvements in the county to have to apply for a Maverick County Building permit.

The permit application process and regulatory guidelines will be under the State of Texas Building codes. The process will be done thought the Maverick County Road and Bridge Department offices located at 3600 HWY 57 North, Office: 830-773-2154 with Mr. Raul Trevino. The Maverick County Commissioners Court will begin to require the permits immediately. This action is done so to assure that building projects in the county are up to regulatory standard and code.

During the Commissioners Court meeting held on Monday August 14th Maverick County Planning Director April Rodriguez and County Engineer Hector Canales presented information regarding a building permit system to the court after another issue was pointed out on some re-plat approvals being requested in the Chula Vista Subdivision area. “Now that we have got the building permit system going, we will be able to catch any and all problems that have been occurring in the future,”said Canales “These setback issues will be identified before they are done.


Even though the county does not have established building codes, the state has codes that contractors have to abide by. We want to make sure that they’re doing it and that they get enforced.” The county will immediately begin requiring a county government issued building permit on any construction projects in Maverick County in order to move forward with any work on the building site area. “So from this point forward any construction within the county will require a Building Permit.” stated Canales

The county has encountered certain issues with contractors beginning to build and move forward with their projects without having the appropriate permits. The county believes that this will stop those problems and assure that those who are to build will follow the appropriate building codes and rules and the county will not have to worry about seeing a lax in the regulatory inspections and obligations of the governing body who was handling those permits.

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