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Eagle Pass ISD held a special meeting to discuss the issue of EPISD v. Monsa LTD.

The Eagle Pass Independent School District held a special meeting on Tuesday August 22, 2017 in which they consulted with their attorney in executive session Cause No. 17-01-33832 -MCV EPISD Vs. Monsa Ltd.

Once back in open session EPISD Board President Lupita Fuentes opened up the session by allowing the districts attorney to advice the community where the issue stands as of present day.

“As the board is aware since we filed this lawsuit in January 2017 we feel there has been a lot of progress made. As of mid March Monsa Ltd has completed 700 linear feet of the roadway in question. We believe that the remainder which is 943 linear feet of roadway will soon be completed. We believe it’s a positive result of work between both parties in this litigation.” said Legal counsel


Fuentes then asked if anyone on the board wished to set a motion into place to approve the proposal of settlement in the case.

Board member Chris Hiller motioned an approval which was seconded by Jorge Barrera.

The motion was then approved unanimously.

The EPISD filed a lawsuit in the Maverick County District 293rd Court against Monsa Ltd on January 10, 2017 from a issue regarding a contract that the EPISD claimed Monsa Ltd had not adhered to involving the building of a street in the area of Armando Cerna Elementary after it was promised when the EPISD purchased 12 acre tract of land purchase for the building of the Armando Cerna Elementary from Paco Mondragon

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