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Maverick County Hospital District approves Operating Budget

The Maverick County Hospital District Board (MCHD) of Trustees approved their 2017/2018 Fiscal Year and Operating Budget during their meeting held on Tuesday August 29, 2017.

Maverick County Hospital District CEO Terri Patlan Contreras addressed the board members and the public in attendance stating that the figures and numbers all around are looking up and that the District Departments, employees continue making positive strives including bringing in physician specialist such as a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist.

Contreras then passed the presentation to the Districts Chief Financial Officer & Registered Tax Assessor-Collector Nestor D. Bonilla.

Bonilla presented the board a summary of the operating fiscal year budget.

Bonnilla went through the MCHD FY 2017/2018 Statement of Revenues and Expenses including the new proposed tax rate of $0.129864.“The expected total revenues for the coming year are at $13,399,441 with expected total expenses to come in at $12,235,369 leaving a gain of $1,164,973.Our biggest expense is in the Health Care delivery which is the health care services that we provide and that is at $7,398,734.” said Bonilla

This expense is 55.2 % of the expected revenues and 60.4% of the total expenditures expected for this coming year.

Governmental expenses which includes administration, medical financial is proposed to be at $4,012,995 or 30% of the expected revenues for this year.

Bonilla explained that there are some capital needs that are needed which would come out to $723,104 in capital equipment leaving $ 441,869 from the revenue gains.

“That’s our 2017/2018 Fiscal Year and Operating Budget.” concluded Bonilla

MCHD Chairman Adolfo Olivares Jr. Then asked the board if they had any questions or comments which they had none.

Olivares then called the agenda item up for a motion to adopt the budget which was given by Vice Chairman Jesus Casas and seconded by Secretary / Treasurer Rebecca Robinson.

The motion was then called for a vote and approved unanimously.

The MCHD continues to work hard to provide medical services to those in need but also accept insurance carriers and self pay patients as well. If you need more information over how to consult with any of the Hospital Districts Doctors or seek any other service that is provided you can call (830) 773-1460 or go by 3406 Bob Rogers Dr.

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