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Maverick County Commissioner’s Court Discusses Texas Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The Maverick County Commissioners Court held their regular monthly meeting on Monday August 14th in which they discussed and took action on two agenda items regarding the Texas Community Development Block Grant 2017/2018 Colonia Construction (CFC) Grant Application to the Texas Department of Agriculture and the selection/ location of the project under the 2017/2018 TXCDBG Colonia Construction (CFC) Application of approximately $500,000.

During the course of the meeting County Planning Director April Rodriguez presented information to the Commissioners Court regarding the proposed locations for various possible projects that could be under taken with the grant monies if awarded.

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Gonzalo Longoria of the Middle Rio Grande Development Council was also present as they are assisting the county in putting together the application and going through all the necessary steps to get back on track with grant funding after 3 years of being deemed not qualified.

Maverick County is now eligible to apply and possibly receive grant funds for community betterment projects.

Rodriguez explained the criteria process of how certain areas were chosen as top priorities and Commissioners Court would have to decide what area would be designated in the application process.


Commissioners Court chose an area off FM 2030 in Pct. 1 as the counties top priority. Rodriguez explained that this area has over 118 families without sewer connections,“There is an area on FM 2030 that does not have sewer.” said Rodriguez

“The projects with no water or sewer take top priority under this projects and grants.” Said Longoria

The second priority chosen was an area in the vicinity of Santos Circle in the Loma Linda area in Pct 2.

Commissioners Court also approved a resolution the submission of the grant application by Maverick County for the CFC Grant opportunity.

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo was not present during this meeting

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