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Eagle Pass Water Works System discusses projects on Hwy 277

The Eagle Pass Water Works System (EPWWS) Board of Trustees held a meeting on Wednesday August 16th. During this meeting EPWWS General Manager Jorge Barrera presented the board vital information on certain projects that the organization will be taking on due to the expansion of an area of roadway spanning from the IBC Bank area all the way to Loop 480 by the Texas Department of Public Transportation (TxDOT). The plans were brought up during discussion of agenda item No.8 which called for a Master Services Agreement for engineering services between EPWWS and Tetra Tech Inc. U.S Highway 277 Improvement Utility Conflicts Final Design and Construction Administration.

Barrera explained that TxDOT will be taking on this project shortly and that EPWWS has no other option that to go in and move and work on some of their pipes and infrastructure because TxDOT’s proposed project would leave EPWWS pipes exposed. “They’re going to widen 277 which means that whoever is down here has to comply with what they’re doing. They’re going to be adding some storm drainage and our lines are going to have to be lowered to allow for the modifications.”


Barrera explained that the EPWWS will also have to move a sewer line in the vicinity of Bob Roger Drive because TxDOT is planning on leveling off the street with the highway area which would leave the line exposed.

The EPWWS administration and Board of Trustees discussed what alternatives were there in assuring that water works would comply with the requests but also keep the expenses to a minimal and not interrupt services in any way to that area as well.

After no further discussion the item was approved by the EPWWS Board. Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu was not present at this meeting.

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