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Recommendations made to city regarding Commercial Tolls

The Eagle Pass City Council heard a presentation from Eagle Pass Port of Entry Director Placido Madera regarding setting new commercial toll rates (per axle) to be collected at the international Bridges and the use of of the city Express/ Discount Card to get a discount incentive .

During the Eagle Pass City Council meeting held on Monday August 14 Madera made two recommendations to the city regarding commercial toll rates ” We’re recommending two changes to the ordinance one is a change for commercial trucks going from $4.75 per axle to $5.00 with a provision of a 25-cent discount per axle when you use an City Express Card. This would essentially keep the date the same for any of the companies that use this card.”said Madera “The second is for section 1 item 2 for passenger vehicles to keep the $3.00 rate by extending the rate discount for vehicles using the express card.”


Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu expressed his approval to keep the incentive in place and allow for bridge crossers to be able to get a certain discount if they choose to by the city Express/ Discount Card.“The city has invested heavily on the infrastructure working together with TXDOT and the bridge expansion for commercial purposes. There is a lot going on in the port of entries that justify an increase but yet provides a good service with the discounted VIP Rate for our commercial users and our regular vehicles as well.”

Mayor Cantu then called the item for further discussion which had none and was approved unanimously.

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