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Business Development Committee holds quarterly meeting

The Eagle Pass Texas Business Economic Development Committee held their quarterly meeting on August 14,2017 at the City’s International Center for Trade, in which they discussed various initiative updates and important committee information.

During the meeting BEDC Chair Person Morris Libson Jr. welcomed the committee members and those in attendance.”We look forward to keep working together and continue developing our community’.” The group then had presentations/reports from all sub committee chairs including the Labor and Workforce Training Subcommittee Chairperson Terri Contreras, Government Relations Subcommittee Chairperson Cecilia Mascorro, Business and Industry Subcommittee Chairperson Hector Cerna, Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee Chairperson Chris Hiller, Marketing Subcommittee Chairperson Ricardo E. Calderon, and The Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee Chairman Nikolas Libson.

The Committee has just appointed Ricardo Gonzalez to head the The Cross-Border Relations Subcommittee and Pat Saucedo as chair person to the Executive Leadership Mentoring Subcommittee. The BEDC then discussed up coming important meetings happening that the committee will participate and represent Eagle Pass, Texas.

One of the highlights during the presentations of information was from the Amenities, Visitors and Tourism Subcommittee Chairman Jaime Rodriguez who recognizes that the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino is the strength of business related to tourism and that building a relationship with the Casino will only be beneficial for everyone across the board.

Present at the meeting was representatives of the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino including Marketing Manager Orlando Marines. City Manager Arturo Rodriguez thanked all the appointed members and those in attendance from the public and noted that he and the city administration are hard at work on their part to make things happen.

Members of the group did hold a brief discussion over how Maverick County key Stakeholder was not represented in the committee forum and plans taking place.

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