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City of Eagle Pass Municipal Court holds session

On a weekly basis the Eagle Pass Police Department and the City’s Municipal Court hold session in which they adjudicate as many cases as possible which include traffic tickets , speeding No Drivers License, No Insurance, Public Intoxication and many other offenses.

During the first 6 month period in 2017 from January to June the Eagle Pass Police Department (EPPD) has ticketed approximately 230 individuals for Driving without a License from January to June of this year in accordance to Municipal Court records.


In a six month span that averages out to approximately 38 individuals being ticketed and fined for driving without a license per month. During the same time period the municipal court and police department reported 280 No Insurance cases averaging to 46 cases per month.

The EPPD and municipal court also handled 184 cases of speeding within city limits. During that 6 month period the number of speeding tickets seen through municipal court would average to one speeding ticket given out per day for the last 180 days. It averages to 30 speeding cases per month for the last 6 months.

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