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City Council holds meeting to look into annexation

The Eagle Pass City Council held a meeting on Tuesday August 1st in which they created a committee to review, analyze and make recommendations regarding expanding the city’s corporate boundaries by annexation.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu opened up the agenda item and stated that this item was a continuation of a topic that was recently discussed in executive session in consultation with the city legal counsel and certain actions were approved back then. “I believe that the city council met in executive session last meeting to discuss this with legal counsel in which we requested that an ordinance be drafted to formulate a committee that would include the City Manager, Director of Planning Department , Director of Public Works, Director of Finance, Police Chief, Fire Chief, General Manager of Eagle Pass Water Works System, Council member place No. 4 and the Mayor.”

Mayor Cantu asked if there were any concerns with the ordinance that was being presented at the time. There were no comments on the issue. “This is in efforts for us to move forward with annexation.” added Cantu The City Council then moved forward and approved the agenda item.

This is an issue that has been discussed for years between Maverick County and City officials but up to now have not been able to come to terms as to how to approach annexing certain areas. At this point the city is seeking to expand their boundaries but have looked at other areas besides the ones that the county believe should be taken on by the city, in a difference of opinions.

The City will have to read this ordinance three times before final approval.

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