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Food Insecurity a growing issue among Senior Citizens

Food Insecurity is most felt by older residents and young children of our community who according to studies and reports have the highest prevalence for such issues.

The Maverick County Food Pantry was created by the County Commissioners Court to attempt to alleviate the issues with hunger in our community back in 2012. This program under the direction of Mrs. Becky Ballou grew on an yearly basis and countless of people in our community are grateful for her dedication in curbing hunger and helping our needy. Since its inception the food pantry has served thousands of bags of food and on an monthly basis serve up to 1,500 families reaching up to 10,000 people including many young children.

The Food Pantry Program has various programs within its structural foundation that serve different people depending on qualification. For example the county run program which works directly with the Laredo Food Bank serve up to 580 children and 2,300 adults on a monthly basis with food bags.


There is also an Emergency Food Program that will provide the individuals with a bag of food. Another food disbursement program is coordinated with HEB and Wal Mart that donate food products that are then given out at the food pantry every Wednesday and Friday which feeds approximately 480 families on a monthly basis with 183 children and adults 820.

The Food Pantry also serves 1,525 sixty years and older individuals who are provided with a bag of nutritional foods. Those individuals have to be qualified through the program to participate. Another program that’s beneficial is coordinated through the Laredo Food Bank and Union Pacific Railroad who has adopted families and is providing the funding for food to 50 families that have enrolled in the program.

The enrollment process continues open for more families that are qualified. The Maverick County Food Pantry continues helping and providing life saving food and assistance and ask if anyone is interested to volunteer in the disbursement programs or has any questions over qualifications to please call 830-757-6424.

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