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Death of smuggled immigrants sparks renewed debate of Human Trafficking

The reality of illegal immigration took a horrific turn on Sunday July 23, 2017 when a tractor trailer was found to contain dozens of undocumented individuals near death and ten of those persons had perished from the horrible heat conditions they were subjected to.

The tragedy is a reality that comes with human smuggling as people who often try to come into the United States face harsh conditions as they make their way to a destination.


Mexican Consulate Ismael Navejas Macias stated that the tragedy is a reminder of the hardships that many people are subjected to while trying to reach the American Dream. “It’s is sad reality that we face. Our colleagues in San Antonio are there doing everything possible to for those people in such a horrendous time. At this point one of the main goals is to identify those who have tragically lost their lives and the survivors as well. It’s a very sad tragedy.” said Navejas Macias.

Law enforcement officials detained James Mathew Bradley, Jr., 60 the truck driver who is now possibly facing criminal charges for his alleged role in the incident. What is known up to now is that in total there were 39 people inside the tractor trailer and 8 people were dead at the scene and another two male individuals passed away at a hospital in San Antonio.


This incident is just one of the thousands of smuggling cases seen and investigated on an yearly basis in the U.S. During 2016, ICE Homeland Security Investigations Unit investigated 2,110 smuggling attempts resulting in 1,522 criminal convictions. Reports also show that there were approximately 2,734 criminal arrests with 3,007 administrative arrests related to human smuggling made by ICE during the same time period.

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