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Maverick County Hospital District hires new Oncologist

The Maverick County Hospital District through its Physicians Specialty Group is continuing to provide medical services in our community including the MCHD Chemo Therapy Infusion center which provides life saving therapy/treatment for cancer patients from our surrounding area.

This therapy treatment has been going on for a few years now. The service being provided helps those patients out by allowing them to get their treatment without having to travel out of town, often being on the road for hours.
The Chemo Therapy Infusion center here at the MCHD allows for the patient to get the treatment and be comfortably back at home within 20 minutes of checkout time.


Physicians Specialty Group director Monica Nandin states that the MCHD has just hired on Dr. Miranda an Oncologists that will be seeing patients for all sorts of cancers that can also be provided the infusion treatments here locally.” We have a new Oncology/ Hematologist provider that’s treating patients with all types of Cancers. We can infuse the patient here with either Chemotherapy or even with Iron for patients that have Hematology issues.”

The MCHD provides services for the indigent in our community but also provide the services to anyone else who would like to set up a consultation with one of the many doctors.

The MCHD services are not just for people under an indigent care program but self pay and insured individuals may also consult with many of the doctors that the MCHD has on board.

If you wish to call and set up an appointment with the MCHD please call (830) 773-1460.

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