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Eagle Pass ISD board of directors holds meeting to discuss fees

The Eagle Pass Independent School District Board of Trustees held a meeting on Tuesday July 11, 2017 in which they had a presentation on the use of School facilities including the Student Activity Center (SAC).

During the meeting EPISD Athletic Director Edward Graf presented the board with an overview of the different charges and exemptions for the use of EPISD facilities including the old stadiums at $1,500 to use, $1,200 C.C. Winn Auditorium ,other general areas belonging to the district in different campuses at $600, High School Lecture Room $300.

“There is no charge for playgrounds and open fields and high school and junior high tennis courts.”


Graf explained that by board policy the SAC had other requisites.”To use the football stadium we charge you $1,500.” Graf explained that some other areas including the track and baseball fields were $1,000’s at a 5 hour minimum coming out to $ 200 per hour.

“The Fine Arts Center rents for $1,500.”

Graf gave a full breakdown of the fees and costs.

EPISD Board of Trustee Rudy Bowels proceeded to bring up a concern over the amount often charged for the use of the SAC center by non school related organizations who provide recreational activities for the youth of the community.

Bowels stated that he was told that in Laredo the organizations were allowed to use the Facilities at no cost and requested if that could be checked out and see how the district could facilitate the use of the SAC Center to the public. “ I feel that if Laredo can do it I don’t see why we can’t.”


Bowels stated that he would like to see more information as to how the service could either be provided or a proper justification to present to the different organizations that rent out the facilities but often struggle to come up with the funds as they’re mostly non-profit.

Bowels question and comments then sparked a lively conversation over the issue between the board of trustees and administration over how things could be worked out to assure that an amicable solution to such issues could be found.

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