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Maverick County heard presentation over City of Eagle Pass Prisioner Care

The Maverick County Commissioners Court recently heard a presentation over City of Eagle Pass Daily Prisoner Care and what could be done to deal with the growing price the county is absorbing for providing such service. 

The city and county have come to the table on the issue in previous years but have not come to terms other than the ones that have been in place in which the county is responsible for the housing of inmates. But like everything else sometimes with times come changes and in a growing community so do the unwanted growths such as crimes and arrests thus creating a bigger burden on that service/ monetarily.   
Maverick County Judge David R. Saucedo spoke of the ongoing issue.“That’s an issue that we have. I will say that we don’t take a mentality too cut off anyone one. Because we need to remember that as representatives we have a responsibility to all the residents of this community. The only thing that we’re saying is hey look, it’s costing us a lot of money to house this people and we need to find a way to run a more efficient program.” said Saucedo 

“We have always looked out for the taxpayer and when you’re running a system and you have inmates that are sitting there for 60 to 90 days or even more that costs the taxpayer a lot of money. We’re just identifying it because every day that they’re in there it costs the county $35 to $40 a day to have an inmate. We are here to protect the interest and the safety of the citizen. But if they don’t need to be in there lets expedite them and move this court cases faster so the people can go through the system they way they have to and the ones that do need to be incarcerated will and the ones that don’t can be let go. It’s not an exercise to try to look or make somebody feel bad. We’re doing this to try to save the taxpayer money. We’re not saying that were not going to give service we’re looking into trying to work into running this more efficiently so it doesn’t cost the taxpayers so much.”

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