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July 10 begins a new trial in federal court over Texas Redistricting

The date nears as officials will be in a federal court on July 10th as part of a political maps showdown. A trial was set due to a three-judge ruling which declared that Texas lawmakers involved in redistricting the political maps intentionally discriminated against minority voters when drawing the schematics of the maps in 2011.

Maverick County was part of that redistricting and consequently was going to be victimized by being split into two different districts with the south falling in Congressional District 28 and the Northside as Congressional District 23.

Maverick County Judge David R. Saucedo fought that attempt all the way to Washington. Now, years later the hopes are that the blatant attempts to discriminate and dilute Maverick County’s heavily Democratic voters’ strength will be righted once and for all.


“I’m glad it has come to fruition as we have been fighting it for a long time. It’s very interesting that Maverick County has been singled out when those maps were originally drawn.” said Saucedo

Saucedo explains that never before had such a small area been basically chopped into two voting districts in attempts to try to dilute its strength because of the way that it usually votes which 99% of the time is Democratic. “So the Republican controlled House came in and tried to split it up.”

Judge Saucedo states that it was very clear as to what was the intention by cutting Maverick County into two voting districts. “I think it was evident to the judges who heard our testimony that it wasn’t correct. Eventually, even in the temporary maps we were drawn back into one district.”


“I think what came to light over that issue was that when you attack a county of this size it’s apparent what you’re trying to do. I’m glad that it’s here. A little late in the game but whatever was done incorrectly is now going to be righted.”

“We look forward to a map that is more representative of the population that we’re part of.”

Saucedo explains as to how those maps are critical in being able to reach out to public officials in the state and federal level and show them in numbers the needs of areas such as Maverick county along the border region which has very distinct needs in comparison to other areas across the state. “They don’t have the same need that we have. We want to make sure that our representatives understand our needs.”

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