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Concerns as decrease in Building Permits, Increase in building cost is seen

Construction Of New Homes Continued To Rise In August

A growing community often correlates in unison with certain impacts including business and residential permit increases.

One way that you can truly tell how much a community is growing is looking around and see what is being built in and around your neighborhoods. Building permits are an indication of what types of buildings are being constructed and their relative uses.

A review of the amount of residential building permits granted in Maverick County between 2010 to 2015 show a -48 % decrease in building permits going from 164 in 2010 to 84 permits during 2015. However, the total costs for building increased by 3 % in the same time period going from $9,711,108 in 2010 to $10,007,398 in 2015.


Reports show that during 2010 Maverick County had 165 permits costing $9,711,108 in 2011.

There were 69 with a value of $7,725,545, in 2012 there were 77 building permits with a value of $5,657,508, 2013 there were 78 permits valued at $8,510,121, during 2014 there were 81 permits with a value of $9,610,430 and during 2015 there were 84 permits issued with a value of $ 10,007,398.

One of the concerning issues seen is the amount of money it cost to build during 2015 as it increased by approximately $297,290 more than in 2010 with half the permits issued at 84 as compared to 165 permits in 2010. This type of increased expenses including permitting fees are absorbed by the builder who passes the cost to the consumer by hiking prices to make up the increased difference.

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