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City Manager seeks to Revive Airport Idea

Eagle Pass City Manager Arturo B. Rodriguez is seeking to possibly revive the municipality’s efforts to establish their own Airport within city limits apart from the existing Maverick County International Airport.

Rodriguez touched base on the issue recently. “Ever since I arrived here I have seen the need to establish an airport here.”


Rodriguez reiterates that counting with an airport would assist the city’s economic development plans.

Rodriguez recognizes that the county government counts with an airport but that there is a need to make certain improvements to that installation. Rodriguez stated that the city considers looking into possibly working together with the county on those necessary improvements or look into beginning the process to establish a city airport.

The city looked into the idea of an airport back in 2013 hiring Roberto Gonzalez and Al Groves as consultants to conduct a municipal airport feasibility study costing $30,000. Back then a property was offered by the Winn Family in a donation to the city for the development of a city airport. Back then Gonzalez stated that building an airport in accordance to their study would cost up to $10-12 million dollars.


The funding would be sought through grants from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Economic Development Administration.

The County and City attempted to see eye to eye and iron out their differences on the matter after the county took offense to the idea that the city was trying to compete with them over airport services.

Both organizations negotiated and held different meetings trying to come to terms. Eventually everything fizzled out until now that the current city manager has begun to talk about the idea once again


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