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Crystal City Public Corruption Trial Underway

As the Crystal City Public corruption trial got underway ties to Maverick County have surfaced during the early going of the witness against the defense testimony. During the first days of trial the federal government brought out their star witness against Ex city Manager/legal counsel William Jonas III and Mayor Ricardo Lopez.


This is where the Crystal City , Texas case takes a twist and ties us into the 2012 Maverick County Public Corruption case that put over 23 people behind bars. Dan Hejl who has worked for Maverick County as an engineer including on the Maverick County Solid Waste Authority project for many years appeared in court as a star witness for the Federal Government.

Hejl testified that as an informant for the FBI he had worked with the government to get the evidence necessary that would show Crystal City officials shenanigans


. Hejl explained during his testimony on Wednesday June 21st how he had ended up in the situation he was now in. Hejl was picked up in Maverick County as part of our massive public corruption case as he admitted to bribing two public officials during his time working in our community. Hejl then turned informant and moved on to Crystal City where he would begin an investigation into their public officials,

Hejl then calculatedly begin gathering up evidence against 5 public officials including Ex- City Manager and City Attorney William James Jonas, III, age 54; Mayor Ricardo Lopez, age 40; Mayor Pro-Tem Rogelio Mata, age 43; City councilman Roel Mata, age 44, and former City Councilman Gilbert Urrabazo, age 45; and, Ngoc Tri Nguyen, age 38 which led to their indictment and arrests.

RioWithin months during 2016 Federal agents and law enforcement officials raided Zavala County taking down the 6 individuals on public corruption charges. Only Jonas and Lopez remain steadfast on their innocence and are currently in court fighting for their acquittal.

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